Aerial Surveys of Construction Sites

Without a doubt, UAVs (drones) have become an integral and crucial part of a worker’s toolbox. It’s no wonder that the fastest growing commercial adapter of drone technology is the construction industry.

Drone collected data creates accurate 3D models, real-time 2D maps, and a 360-degree virtual tours of any construction site. From initial site surveys/measurements, construction modelling and mapping, progress monitoring, inspections for increasing workplace security.

Depending on your requirements and budgets, we at AusDilaps, can transform your visual inspections from a time-consuming process to a quicker, more efficient and cost effective process..

Here’s how AusDilaps drone surveying services can help you save valuable time and costs throughout the construction process.

  • Keep track of on-site progress
  • Streamline communication
  • Enable rapid decision making
  • Identify areas of concern in real-time
  • Build detailed maps and 3D models
  • Overlap old and new maps to measure progress.

You can create orthomosaics and videos for improved site planning, management, and monitoring. Producing video or 3D models of construction sites and overlaying previous inspections provides progress reports in real time, speeding up the process of getting the funds approved from investors and financial institutions.

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Aerial Solar Panels Inspections

The inexhaustible energy resource requires constant inspection and maintenance. Hence, timely detection and replacement of faulty panels is crucial to maintain power load and smooth operations.

At AusDilaps, using FLIR VUE camera technology on our UAV to inspect solar panels spanning often immense solar fields. Regardless of what your scale of operation is, AusDilaps specialises in inspecting and producing detailed reports.

We aim to provide an in-depth evaluation of solar modules and anomaly detection which is critical to the smooth flow of the system. Expansive solar arrays can be easily, quickly, and economically inspected through thermo-diagnostic measurements by a drone-mounted camera.

AusDilaps uses the FLIR VUE infrared system for a complete visible spectrum of a panel. The camera uses thermal imaging and temperature readings that can rapidly inspect a large area of any power plant. The imagery produced by the thermal camera can detect heat leakage and provide an accurate thermal reading from any panel or circuitry to enable the client to identify and quickly remedy the issue, saving time and money.

Once updated, the records and images are analysed through AusDilaps (in-house) software packages and reports can be produced by our team of engineers to offer the best maintenance and repair solutions for the operation.

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Aerial Inspections of Mine Sites, Landfills & Quarries

At AusDilaps, our goal for the mining industry is clear- to increase the profitability of your business. Due to the complex nature and dangerous worksites of quarry and similar sites, drones provide a quick, safe, and efficient alternative to manual inspections.

Not only are manual inspections extremely time-consuming, but they are also highly susceptible to unexpected safety hazards. 3D data collected through drones offers a precise volumetric calculation of stockpiles and the quantity surveying of any material This is precisely why the mining industry has become one of the fastest adapters to drone technology.

Data collected through drones is more cost-effective, comprehensive, and accurate, all without exposing valuable manpower to hazardous and toxic environments.

AusDilaps keeps you updated with volumetric calculations at every step of the mining process. As a result, miners or landfill managers can inspect their terrain, monitor stock levels and assets at every stage of the cycle.

Our aerial systems can cover an expansive area and measure piles of quarry materials or landfills. The in-depth topographical survey helps in stockpile measurements, contour planning and land inspection.

With real-life visual imagery accurate to 10-20mm, work is streamlined, quick, and hassle-free.

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Aerial Drone Mapping & Photogrammetry

Asset owners, builders, tenants, and building managers are now looking for a safer, quicker, and affordable substitute to provide an accurate and detailed survey for the condition of commercial assets, buildings or worksites of any kind.

At AusDilaps, we provide inspection services for all Real estate, Agriculture, Construction, Insurance Companies, Security Agencies, General Inspections and Everyday Personal Events.

AusDilaps delivers a safer, highly efficient, and less-expensive approach to manual survey techniques.

Before beginning construction on an expansive site, it is crucial to take note of all available equipment, site hazards, and stockpiles. While it’s true that a standard map can provide this data, AusDilaps systems take the game one step ahead.

Before beginning construction on an expansive site, it is crucial to take note of all available equipment, site hazards, and stockpiles. While it’s true that a standard map can provide this data, AusDilaps systems take the game one step ahead.

Using the latest drone systems technology and expert survey personnel, we are able to build and deliver precise data sets to you when you need it the most. Using precision RTK and PPK positioning systems, we can generate 3D point cloud mapping with precise GPS positioning, with this data we can produce 3D modelling of buildings, towers, and various assets.

Providing this accurate data gives the client the ability to manage side-by-side comparison pre-construction, during construction, and post-construction. By overlaying and viewing the imagery at the same time the client can gauge the progress and pace of construction.

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Aerial Inspections of Roofs and Infrastructure

Drone technology has revolutionised building and infrastructure inspections. No matter how high or how vast, AusDilaps is there to help you with a comprehensive inspection and provide you with precision data and imagery that you can rely on to make informed decisions around your infrastructure.

Using 3D orthomosaic modelling clients can look at their infrastructure from any angle.

Our aerial systems are capable of close visual inspections of building roofs and facades to assist in fast detection of defects such as damaged tiles, brick work, facade cracks and window lintel issues. Thermal cameras can also be used to detect leaks in buildings or houses. Geo-referenced images allow for easy reference to the defect area. 3D modelling can also be created to provide incredibly detailed context to the asset and its condition.

We offer our clients cost-effective and high quality data and imagery for analysis that reduces the risk of working at heights.

AusDilaps drone surveying services offer tremendous cost savings when compared to standard manual methods of surveys on all types of residential, commercial, industrial, and historic buildings. We are able to achieve high precision accuracy as well as reduced costs due to less time needed on site – surveys completed in a few hours. Moreover, there is no need to hire access equipment or scaffolding.

Roofs that are completely inaccessible by traditional methods, fragile roofs, or those containing ageing asbestos materials are best left to us at AusDilaps drone inspection service.

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Environmental Surveys by Drone

AusDilaps operates the most sophisticated and advanced technology to provide detailed photographic data of waterways and dams. Our professional grade, latest technology UAV, operated by fully certified and experienced pilots ensure you receive the most comprehensive, precise and informative data needed for environmental mapping.

We provide the best possible solutions tailored to our clients’ requirements to ensure the absolute best results. Our environmental mapping surveys are customised to suit any requirements.

UAVs offer safer, and more cost-efficient mapping or monitoring of large areas. Our range of monitoring and mapping services include measuring changes in water levels or erosion over time using point cloud orthomosaic mapping and generating millimetre accurate topographic measurements of the surrounding terrain.

AusDilaps can provide detailed reports for environmentally sensitive areas amidst thick scrub, gorges, wetlands, and ridges using Multispectral cameras. Our detailed reports provide accurate data that can be obtained without disturbing any sensitive areas.

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