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Commercial Dilapidation Reports

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Industrial Dilapidation Reports

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Residential Dilapidation Reports

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We are a team of highly experienced building consultants, who offer an unrivalled level of client service in terms of professionalism, speed, monitoring works and cost-effectiveness. Property condition reports are what we specialise in which enables us to excel in what we do.

Our objective is to provide unparalleled expertise and results within all areas of dilapidations, and to set the standard for high quality, efficiency and service provided to all clients. AusDilaps has been established to meet the significant increase in demand for specialist dilapidation services. This rapid rise encases together with the requirement for a higher level of specialist knowledge has resulted in a shortage of service providers.


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Dilapidation Report

What is a Dilapidation Report (Property Condition Report)?

A dilapidation report documents the condition of a property prior to, and after, construction or demolition on an adjoining property. These reports are appropriate for residential, commercial and government properties, as well as infrastructures such as council assets, tunnels, bridges and railways. There is an increasing demand for property condition reports as the majority of councils require property inspections to be undertaken as part of their development approval process.

How Do You Obtain a Dilapidation Report?

There are 7 steps that need to be followed in order to get a dilapidation report.

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    Dilap Quote

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    Access Letters

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    Property Inspection

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    Report Preparation

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    Condition Report Transcription

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    Confirmation & Completion


A client contacts AusDilaps to request a quote. This can be done via phone, e-mail or form via our website.


Access request letters are prepared and sent out to all adjoining properties to the project site as stipulated by the client. In urgent cases, residents phone numbers are supplied by the developer/project manager so that contact with the residents can be made quickly.


These letters require the residents to contact AusDilaps to book an inspection date and time prior to a date stated in the letter. A second letter is sent to the resident if no response is received within 7 days. A third and final letter is sent via Registered Post. If no response is received, a statement is drawn up for the client/project managers outlining the efforts made to arrange the inspection. This is then passed on to the Council for their records.


The Access Letters request residents to call and make an appointment to have their properties inspected. These inspections are not compulsory but are recommended to the residents in the event that damage may occur to their property as a result of the construction work.


A date and time for the inspection is agreed and an Inspector is assigned to conduct the inspection. A final confirmation is sent to the resident the day prior to inspection.


Our inspector visits each property, photographing the whole site internally and/or externally depending on the inspection requirements, and dictating any issues or damage identified that will be included in the dilapidation report.


All the photographs taken by the inspector are uploaded to a separate report per property and combined with the comments and observations made by the inspector during the inspection. Damage noted in the report will be visibly highlighted in the report so that the receivers of the report can easily identify any dilapidated aspects of the property.


Restrictions encountered during the inspection are also noted in the report.


Property condition reports containing clear details identifying each property are sent to the client usually within three days from the date of inspection. The reports can either be sent or uploaded in electronic format for download by the client, or printed and bound and sent in hard copy if requested.


Once the dilapidation report is finalised and received by the client, the project is complete. If the report was compiled prior to construction being commenced, a subsequent post-construction dilapidation report may be a recommended option for many projects.


In this case the above process will be repeated and the subsequent report compared to the original report to identify any damage or issues that have arisen during construction.

Our Projects

We offer the most advanced style of dilapidation reports available. With our specially designed dilapidation report software and the best available equipment, our photographic reports can not be matched nor can our turnaround time be beaten.