These reports are independently prepared by experts who are able to identify any pre-existing conditions or concerns that otherwise may be missed.

Whether your property has adjoining walls with other commercial properties or whether it’s freestanding, a commercial dilapidation report will put your mind at ease in knowing that you have covered all pre and post construction requirements.

To decide on the right professionals to carry out dilapidation services for your project, you need to begin by considering experience, industry reputation, and skillset, as well as client services.

Commercial Projects

  • Queen’s Wharf Brisbane
    AusDilaps worked in conjunction with ProBuild to provide dilapidation reports for the Queen’s Wharf project.
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  • Barangaroo South
    AusDilaps has had the pleasure of working with Lendlease on Sydney’s largest urban renewal project since the 2000 Olympics and one of the most significant waterfront transformations currently underway anywhere in the world.
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