Dilapidation Reports Brisbane

Brisbane, Queensland Dilapidation Reports and Property Condition Reports

When the planned demolition and construction in Brisbane, Queensland requires the use of machinery and other heavy equipment, there’s a big chance that it may cause serious structural damages to adjoining properties. When this happens, there’s a big chance that the owners of adjoining facilities and properties may file complaints or worse, claim for damages caused by the demolition and construction. To avoid the hassle and a potential drawn-out legal process, then it’s best to request for official dilapidation requests in Brisbane. Also known as property condition reports, these documents will serve as protection for all stakeholders involved, the developer and the owners of adjoining properties included.

Brisbane Dilapidation Reports Capture the Precise Condition of the Property Before and After Construction

The building inspection report takes a snapshot of the actual condition of the adjoining properties before and after the renovation or construction. This engineering report includes photors and textual descriptions of the status of the adjoining properties like buildings, roads, kerbs, bridges and tunnels. To ensure a detailed and comprehensive property inspection report in Brisbane, the assigned engineering team will inspect the adjoining properties from it interior to exterior surfaces. As part of the property condition assessment, the team will also take down measurements and complete descriptions of existing conditions, and images are attached to complete the property condition reports. The inspection and reporting is done twice- one before the construction and two, after the completion of the project. And depending on the arrangement offered by the consulting firm, the building dilapidation reports may be delivered personally or these can be emailed to the client using a link, just like what Audilaps follow.

Should You Request Dilapidation Reports?

For developers, these Brisbane dilapidation reports can serve as valuable resources not just for documentation, but as a form of insurance as well. Building dilapidation reports can serve as protection and basis for answering claims, or for completing reconstruction works. For Brisbane property owners, the property condition reports can be used to support claims for damages. In short, by requesting a complete property inspection report in Brisbane, every stakeholder is protected and insured.

When attention to details and protection matters, then it’s always best to request for a complete building inspection report. Today, a number of Australian local councils require the preparation and submission of Brisbane dilapidation reports for the protection of everyone. Whether it’s for compliance or peace of mind, make sure that a complete property inspection report is part of the plan.

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