What is a Dilapidation Survey Report (Property Condition Report)?

  • A dilapidation report documents the condition of a property prior to, and after, construction or demolition on an adjoining property.
  • These reports are appropriate for residential, commercial and government properties, as well as infrastructures such as council assets, tunnels, bridges and railways.
  • There is an increasing demand for dilapidation reports as the majority of councils require property inspections to be undertaken as part of their development approval process.


How Do You Obtain a Dilapidation Survey Report?

There are 7 steps that need to be followed in order to get a dilapidation report.


  • To request a quote the AusDilaps must be contacted. This can be done via phone, e-mail or form via our website.
  • Within 24 hours of receiving the quote, a task is created to complete the quote and send it out.
  • The client must confirm the quote before beginning the next stage of the process. Follow up calls are made to the client if no response made within 7 days.
  • To process to the next stage, the client must send the quote acceptance form.



  • Access request letters are prepared and posted out for all adjoining properties to the project site. In urgent cases, residents phone numbers are supplied by the developer/project manager so that contact can be made asap.
  • These letters require the occupants to contact AusDilaps to book an inspection date and time prior to a date stated in the letter.
  • A second letter is addressed to the client if no response made within 7 days.
  • A third and final letter is sent via Registered Post. If no response is made, a statement is drawn up for the client/project managers outlining their efforts in gaining entry. This is then passed on to the Council for their records.



  • Inside the access letters, a request is sent that asks occupants to call and make an appointment to have their properties inspected. However, these inspections are not compulsory.
  • A date and time are organised and an Inspector is assigned to complete the inspection. A final confirmation is confirmed one day prior to inspection.



  • An inspection is organised and completed. Photography and dictation are used on the subject property. This is where we conduct the property condition report and make record of any dilapidated features.



  • Property condition reports are sent to the client within three days from the date of inspection.
  • Photographs are merged into our dilapidation reporting software and are uploaded, ready to be typed.
  • The name of the typist is updated on the spreadsheet. It is the typist’s responsibility to ensure the report is completed within the allotted time frame.



  • The front page of the dilapidation survey report is a general shot of the property.
  • The first lines of the report must state the address of the property inspected.
  • Damage noted in the report will be visibly highlighted so that the receivers of the report and easily spot out any dilapidated sections of the property.
  • Any restricted noted by the inspectors are noted I the report under the heading.
  • Reports are filed in the Community folder and are Completed/Ready to Send.



Once the property assessment report is finalised and received by the client, the project is completed and arrangements are made for final steps of task completion.