Wollongong, NSW Dilapidation Reports and Property Condition Reports

Are you planning a major demolition and construction project in Wollongong, New South Wales? If yes, then you should know that there are a number of arrangements and documents that must be completed before you can even break ground on the Wollongong property. Aside from the usual plans for the new building or the budget that should be in place for the project, you are also advised to prepare dilapidation reports. For new developers and some property owners in Wollongong, these reports may be confusing, and some may even question its place in the whole development and construction process. While a building dilapidation report may seem like an added work and extra document that can complicate the development, keep in mind that it has benefits in the overall scheme of things, and it will even help you build your reputation in the industry. Here’s a quick look at the top reasons why you should work on your Wollongong dilapidation reports, today.

What are the Benefits of Wollongong Dilapidation Reports?

Also referred to as property condition reports, dilapidation reports in Wollongong are photographic and written records of the status and condition of the adjoining properties. These reports can work for all kinds of developers focused on different industries, thus one can find commercial dilapidation reports, residential dilapidation reports and, industrial dilapidation reports. Whatever the type or category of property is, the main purpose of these reports remains the same: to provide an accurate record of the condition of the adjoining properties and buildings, including pathways, fences ,and roads. All visual defects and manifestations of damages like cracks, spalling concrete and distortion are recorded and transcribed through photographs and these are backed by notes. As a matter of policy, these Wollongong dilapidation reports should be filed before an actual work can be started in the project. Most building dilapidation reports that are requested in Wollongong today take less than an hour, but the benefits and protection can be long term.

How Do You Get Professional Dilapidation Reports in Wollongong, NSW?

When you work with Ausdilaps, your next property inspection report can be yours in just seven simple steps.

It starts by contacting us for a free quote, and the inquiry can be done through email, by phone or by leaving a message on the website. The free quote will be prepared within 24 hours, and it is the responsibility of the client to resend the document as an agreement to continue with the building inspection. Once the confirmation has been received, Ausdilaps will then draft the access letters and schedule the appointments before proceeding to the actual building inspection.

Once the inspection has been completed, then that’s the time when the team will now prepare the report, transcribe and confirm the completion of the dilapidation reports. It’s a long process, but it’s one that will bring in long-term protection and benefits for both the developer and property owner. So make your next construction project count; work with an experienced building consultant in Wollongong. Call us today at 1800 DILAPS (345277), and get free quotes within 24 hours.