Dilapidation Reports and Services

ServicesOne of the key council requirements prior to construction on any site, is a detailed dilapidation report. These independently prepared reports protect not only the company undertaking the project but they also protect the council assets and all adjoining property owners. Clients and contractors alike see the many benefits of such reports as an advantageous tool to mitigate the risk of any claims during or post construction. As a land, property or building owner, you value your asset and know the importance of obtaining expert advice from someone who is qualified and experienced. All our clients rely on our valued reputation, attention to detail and our extensive experience to protect them and their property.

Having the Edge on Dilapidation Services

ServicesWhen it comes to dilapidation services and working with a specialist team who understand your project requirements, look to Australian Dilapidations. We are not only a team of experienced surveyors but we are also qualified and experienced structural engineers. AusDilaps was established to service the increase in demand for dilapidation services as we discovered a shortage in service providers. Today, we are unmatched when it comes to professionalism, monitoring work, efficiency and being cost-effective. Specialising in property condition reports, our project experience spans across schools, factories, railway stations, warehouses, pipelines, highways, fencing, pools, landscaping, driveways, office blocks and more. No matter where you are located Australia-wide, no matter what industry you are in, no matter what project you are planning – we can assist you.

What our Dilapidation Services Entail

ServicesWhether it be complex and extensive, or short and limited, our reports and services can be tailored to your needs. Our team will consult with you regarding pre-construction and post- construction development plans and tailor your report accordingly. Once construction has been completed, we can carry out an additional inspection and do a comparison with the pre-construction report to determine if any damage has occurred to the adjoining properties or surrounding areas. We also document the structural condition of a property should any damage occur during the construction process due to heavy construction work, excavation or earthworks. A post-construction report requires an on-site inspection of the completed works to determine if any changes or damages have occurred since pre-construction. Whether it be changes to council or adjoining property and neighbouring assets, the findings will be documented in the report as confirmation. In order to receive your bond back from the council, it is imperative that both the pre and post-construction phases are carried out along with supporting documentation. If your project affects kerbing, drainage, roadways or pathways, know that you will have peace of mind because you took the right steps in order to protect yourself.

Mixing Technology with Great Service

Australian Dilapidations hold quality, professionalism, reliability and client service in high esteem. Using specialised and uniquely designed dilapidation report software along with high end equipment, our photographic reports and efficiency are unrivalled. Our own specific dilapidation surveys are sought after and utilised for development approvals, council certification, insurance requirements and personalised services.

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