Commercial Dilapidation Reports

Owning a commercial property is a significant investment. If you are planning construction and/or development of your property, both you and your contractors need to consider all aspects of the project in order to protect that investment.

These reports are independently prepared by experts who are able to identify any pre-existing conditions or concerns that otherwise may be missed. Whether your property has adjoining walls with other commercial properties or whether it’s freestanding…

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Industrial Dilapidation Reports

Construction on your industrial property is a big decision. When deciding on dilapidation services you need to ensure the company is reputable, experienced and qualified.

There are many factors requiring consideration, from construction companies to adjoining sites and associated assets. Due to the number of lawsuits and litigations growing each year, many councils now require dilapidation reports for industrial construction projects.

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Residential Dilapidation Reports

Many councils now require a dilapidation inspection to be conducted prior to all construction on a residential site. In order to make certain that you cover all bases, it is also recommended that an inspection is carried out post-construction.

Our team values both the integrity and needs of our clientele so they work with you throughout the entire process. Your residential dilapidation report will be specifically tailored to your project and will clearly clarify any ambiguities or issues should they arise.

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Structural Engineering

In our experience, AusDilaps believes that it is not only an efficient structural design that delivers a successful project but the importance of clear communication between all stake holders, resulting in a successfully balanced architectural, practical and feasible project.

No project is too small, too big or too difficult. If your needs are large spans, no columns, no walls then you have come to the right place, we love problem-solving and will design a way to meet any stringent requirement.

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