Flying drones are AusDilaps’ most recent technological advancement. Drone inspections enable a safe and cost-effective opportunity to reach high and inaccessible locations. As structural engineer experts, AusDilaps recognise the benefits that drone cameras have to offer. Drones are suitable for dilapidation reporting, investigative work, fault inspections, gathering data, detecting safety hazards, infrastructure monitoring and reporting.

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Aerial Drone Building Dilapidation Reports

Drones give our surveyors the ability to produce high definition footage for clients according to their requirements. A large area can be covered in an incredibly short time frame that showcases specific sections of a building at a variety of angles. A range of services can be conducted such as identifying boundaries, subdividing land, gathering measurements and mapping in 2D or 3D.

Save on Time and Cost

Drones have a wide range of benefits, they can significantly reduce your budget and offer a fasert turnaround time. In certain cases, data can be given in less than 24 hours. Forget paying for safety checks and hiring a team, all you need is an experienced drone surveyor from AusDilaps. With access to the latest technologies, AusDilaps will give you better results for less.

If you are looking for an inspection, then our drone inspection service may be the answer for you! AusDilaps remains one of the most reliable building consultants in Sydney so you can remain confident that you won’t be disappointed by our dilapidation services.