Building, improvement, and demolition works often require the use of heavy equipment and machines, and generally involve structural changes on or to a project site. This work and the changes may come in various forms, from the demolition of the old structure, to removal of rocks and soil or plants and trees. In some cases, it involves the complete demolition of the property to build a new structure. As a professional service, construction works are expected to be managed properly and according to documented plans. However, even the best-laid plans may encounter some issues that can result in potential damage to adjoining properties or infrastructure. As a property owner or developer, you want to be protected from unwarranted claims and complaints arising from these development concerns. This is where Dilapidation Reports can be essential. Also known as Property Condition Reports, these are written and photographic reports of a property before and after the demolition or construction work. This is a highly recommended step in the construction process and is often council-required in order to protect all major stakeholders of a construction project.

What to Expect from AusDilaps Dilapidation Reports?

AusDilaps Dilapidation Reports are professionally drafted reports covering residential, commercial, industrial, or government assets or properties, with the intent to put into writing a property inspection documenting all aspects of a building or property’s structure. Since this is designed as a comprehensive property condition assessment, the reports may also cover council assets that include kerbs, footpaths, roadways, bridges, and tunnels.

Providing dilapidation reports for any type of property requires attention to detail and undergoes a series of key steps. In most cases, it starts with a job quotation, drafting of access letters, setting of appointments, conducting an inspection, and transcription of the inspection results. A comprehensive process is essential in order for stakeholders to be provided with an accurate report on the condition of a property, before and after the construction takes place. The idea behind these reports is simple:

To document the condition of a property before and/or after construction and use the resulting report as ‘insurance’ in the case of claims or complaints.

Dilapidation reports are now popular documents, required by many city councils as part of the construction approval process.

More than compliance, applying for property condition reports can also boost and enhance neighbourly relations. By securing the services of engineering teams that offer a building inspection, you reassure the owners of adjacent assets and properties that you as the contractor or builder take the construction process seriously.

Get Expert Assistance, Today

Whether you are looking for commercial dilapidation reports or residential dilapidation reports, make sure you work with AusDilaps. AusDilaps is an experienced business offering advanced dilapidation reports that follow local council requirements. As a leading building inspection business, AusDilaps uses custom dilapidation reporting software to produce comprehensive photographic reports delivered on time. Our planning team gets into action as soon as we are contacted via phone, e-mail or through our website. Compared to other engineering teams, AusDilaps follows an efficient workflow from request confirmation and job quotation through to the transcription and delivery of a report.

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