Residential Dilapidation

Adelaide Dilapidation Reports and Property Condition Reports

The construction industry in Adelaide, South Australia is in good shape, with transport, utilities and infrastructure categories leading the growth. This is based on the report by a firm affiliated with the Department of Communities which takes a look at the construction prospects in the next 12 to 18 months (2017-18). This means exciting times for developers as it will provide numerous projects and opportunities for growth.

While the next few years will be exciting, developers in Adelaide should always remain committed, focused on the details and complies with local council requirements. This is specifically true for Adelaide, thanks to its commitment to safe and responsible construction work as specified through its City Works Guidelines. One such requirement is a completed property inspection report. Known as dilapidation reports in Adelaide, these documents are required by the local council as parts of its efforts to protect not just the developers but also the owners of adjoining properties.

Dilapidation Reports as Part of Requirements Before Demolition or Excavation

Planning for construction and demolition works requires great attention to details and compliance with local laws. On top of the technical specifications of the plans and the resources involved, property developers based in Adelaide should also focus on the completion of property condition reports focused on the adjoining buildings. It is the responsibility of the builder or developer to take appropriate steps to protect and secure adjoining properties and ensure that no materials will fall onto adjoining facilities or buildings, except when allowed in writing. The Adelaide dilapidation reports are intended to record and capture the condition of surrounding properties as well as the condition of facilities that are owned by the state. It is expected that a copy of the residential dilapidation reports or commercial dilapidation reports should be submitted to the Adelaide City Council before actual demolition and excavation.

Protect Your Construction Project with a Filed Building Inspection

Although this is a council requirement, filing for a property inspection in Adelaide has other benefits. On top of compliance, it can also serve as a form of protection. For developers in Adelaide, the filed residential property condition reports can serve as a protection against false claims. These documents can also establish a developer’s reputation in the business for clean, efficient and error-free work. And for property owners in Adelaide, these dilapidation reports can serve as supporting documents when making complaints or requesting for repairs for damaged facilities due to construction. In short, these Adelaide property condition reports are valuable documents that should be prepared and filed before completing a major construction project in the city.

If you are a developer or a property owner who requires a completed building inspection today, make sure you act fast and work with a competent engineering consultancy firm. Let Ausdilaps serve as your partner in protecting your assets in Adelaide.

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